A note from Gail

Thank you for your visiting Soggy Rabbit.

I love using traditional techniques to accurately capture the likeness and character of toys, pets, and anything else that’s special to my customers.

As a parent, I hope to show children what is possible with simple observation and drawing materials.

I enjoy looking at loose relaxed drawings, that show traces of the hand of the artist and their personality. My style reflects this, retaining the energy of the creative process, and not worked to a pristine finish.

Every picture is a hand drawn original, on artist quality paper.

I work from my home studio in Bristol, UK.

Having trained in printmaking at UWE (Bristol), I produce and exhibit oil paintings, linocuts, and other media (click here for website).

Drawing is an essential part of my day - I draw people, buildings, insects, anything and everything! In 2016, I sketched our 5 year old Tom's toy rabbit, and posted a photo on a Facebook group. I was inundated with orders, so it's become a thing...

I am always happy to discuss ideas and options if you are wondering about making an order - to contact me directly, email the Soggy Rabbit burrow ( ) or phone 07835 424089

The very first soft toy portrait

In 2016, I had an exhibition in Dubai, with a 'live drawing station' set up in the gallery. There I met the wonderful blogger Louise Sleightholme - click here for her Facebook Blog: Mumofboysandmable . Louise posted a short video showing the live toy sketching  (and a glimpse of the gallery)

On arrival back in the UK from our Middle East Adventure, I decided to make a go of it, and Soggy Rabbit (the company) was born. I knocked up the website and social media, Marcus (dad - good at spreadsheets and thinking up company names) sorted out the processes, and the children did various useful things like video recordings, post office trips, and website testing.


Soggy Rabbit with his daddy, who has now stopped sucking his ears.

Soggy Rabbit with his portrait, and the drawing materials


Soggy Rabbit Distribution Manager, off to the Post Office.