Soggy Rabbit Giveaway Draw Rules

The following rules apply to the giveaway draw being run on from 7th - 14th May 2018. This giveaway is run in collaboration with Louise Sleightholme  (aka blogger mumofboysandmabel).

Please also see our privacy policy and terms & conditions, which apply to giveaway entry submissions, mailing list subscriptions, and purchases.


"Soggy Rabbit" in the following rules refers to Gail Reid, as representative of the company and administrator of this giveaway draw.

"Giveaway Submission" refers to the single first instance of an individual human successfully using the "Click to enter" button on the Soggy Rabbit website giveaway page.

"Entrant" refers to the individual human being who makes the Giveaway Submission.

"Referrer" refers to an entrant who has been named by another entrant (during the submission process) as having referred them to the giveaway. 


By making a Giveaway Submission, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of Soggy Rabbit, and that you satisfy all eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility Requirements

The giveaway is open to humans age 21 or older at time of entry. Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are not eligible to enter or win, because of the laws of those countries. If you are in a country or state where giveaways drawn as described in these rules are prohibited, then please do not enter as your entry will be invalid.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning.

This giveaway is governed by English law, and Entrants agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to all matters arising under or in connection with these Terms. Soggy Rabbit makes no representation that any of the content of the site, or the giveaway is appropriate for use outside the UK. Those who choose to enter the giveaway from any other location are solely responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations if and to the extent that they are applicable.

Maximum of 1 Giveaway Submission per Entrant. Multiple submissions by an Entrant will be ignored.

Soggy Rabbit reserve the right to ignore entries that they have reasonable grounds to suspect have been engineered by a program ("bot"), or by some other disingenuous (the assessment of such will be at our discretion entirely) method.

Bonus entries

There will be 5 and only 5 bonus entries credited per Entrant for subscribing to the Soggy Rabbit newsletter. Where the email address or name on a submitted entry matches an email on the Soggy Rabbit mailing list, this credit will be done automatically.

There will be 3 bonus entries credited to a Referrer if (during Giveaway Submission) an Entrant cites the Referrer's name or email as their referrer. Where the data entered here does not match a previous Entrant, it will not be used or stored outside the giveaway list.

Process, Prize, and general notes

Soggy Rabbit reserve the right not to enter into correspondence regarding any aspect of this giveaway draw.

Soggy Rabbit will retain the list of submissions and credited entries, in order to mitigate any challenge to the integrity of the competition. All entrants will be sent an email when the giveaway is finished, but no entrants will be added to the Mailing List without expressly opting in.

The prize has a value of £165 GBP. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries, as described in these rules. 

This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook or Mailchimp, nor are those companies associated with the giveaway in any way. 

To enter the giveaway, follow all onscreen instructions to complete and submit the online entry form (“Click to enter”). Entrants are subject to all notices posted on the Soggy Rabbit website relating to the giveaway event.

Once the competition is closed, a single winner will be selected at random from all the entries, by Soggy Rabbit. The process of selection will be by copying the full list of emails (including repeats for bonus entries, but excluding any repeated Giveaway Submissions) into a random online name picker application, identified (for transparency) as part of the winner announcement. If the selected entry is found to be ineligible, according to these rules or their local jurisdiction, then the prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected from among the remaining eligible entries. The winner will be contacted by email within a week of the closing date. Provided an email response accepting the prize is received within a week of the email being sent, their name will be announced on the Soggy Rabbit website giveaway page as winner. If no acceptance is received within a week, then the prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected from among the remaining eligible entries, using the same process. When the winner is announced they will be asked to submit a photograph of their toy(s), and confirm the title required. When their drawing is finished to their satisfaction, the original will be posted to them, and the digital image posted on the, and in Soggy Rabbit social media galleries, as per the Soggy Rabbit Terms & Conditions.

If you enter this competition

... you agree to give me your firstborn child. Kidding, but just checking you read to the end!x