Soggy Rabbit drawings come in three sizes (examples above). The following table shows current prices (in GBP £).

The pictures above (roughly to scale) illustrate that the larger the paper, the more detail can be included.

The smallest size (A5) is ideal for a beautiful drawing of a single toy. Naturally, a larger drawing gives more room for showing the texture and features of the subject, and has more impact. Both A4 and A3 can include groups of two or more subjects. There is no charge for associated items such as blankets.

Drawings are centered on the paper, with a modest margin. Because they are on standard paper sizes, it is easy for you to pop them into an off-the-shelf frame. A title (exactly as you specify) can be calligraphed by hand onto the drawing, making this an absolutely personal memento.

Free giftwrapping and UK shipping are included in the price.

I also provide framing (see framing for details of our beautiful frames): £14 for A5, £20 for A4 and £30 for A3.

See Packing and shipping for information about international orders, free for UK orders.